Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Your last Prom sucked, this one won't

So we have been getting ready for Shizz Prom, we have been painting and slaving away to make this just like a real prom except that it will be 21 and over so drinking is not only involved it is also encouraged. We do recommend drinking responsibly and if you do drink too much we can call a cab and make sure you get home safely.
I guess I can explain it left and right but I will be lazy and post a few links that probably explain it better than I could.

AZPunk article


Newtimes article

The Main info: Shizz Prom 2009 at the Icehouse Tavern, 3855 E. Thomas Road, on Saturday May 2 at 8 pm. Tickets are $10 per couple, or $5 for those flying solo. Mig50 will be DJ'ng and pictures will be taken and posted for people to cherish :)

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