Monday, February 23, 2009

good weekend for music

Last saturday was a great night for music. We headed over to Art One gallery and I got to see Quarter Inch Crown do an acoustic set. They did a good set, I really dig Jen's voice it reminded me alot of Jocelyn's voice from World Class Thugs, and Troy has such a deep voice that the contrast of the two singing together is definitely a pleasure.
After QIC, I saw Stewarts new band Halema'uma'u. Don't ask me how to pronounce because I don't remember. Although it is pretty much 4/4 rock it has odd syncopations which give the songs a feeling of odd time stuff going on. The singer has an amazing voice and is a wonderful guitar player, while the bass is very solid and helps keep the foundation with the technical yet grooving drummer.
Not only are these good musicians, but they play good music too. Most of the time I am ready for a band to finish before they are halfway done with their set. I was waiting to hear for more when they announced they only had 2 songs left to play.

We soon left Art One and went to see Tierra Del Fuego play their CD release show at the Hollywood Alley. The Alley has been a staple for the music scene for so many years and I always love going there. Tierra Del Fuego went on stage and played an amazing set. Brock Ruggles has such an amazing voice, with such a great band backing him up. A little country, a little gospel, a little bluegrass, a whole lot of fun.

Definitely a memorable weekend.

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