Saturday, February 28, 2009

A night at the TrunkSpace

Lastnight was a goodtime at the trunkspace. We got there a little late and missed Bolt but we got to see the end of Porches who were a seemingly young band with lots of energy. 
We did the usual trek of going to the Bikini and getting drinks in between bands and unfortunately missed some of Hands On Fire, but what I did see, I really liked, they seemed kinda poppy with good vocals. They are band I want to check out again in the future and see their whole set.
Skinwalkers came up next which and was fortunate enought to see their whole set, I have only ever seen them as a two piece but heard their is another member. On this evening, they were still a two piece with drums and guitar/vocals. Skinwalkers are an amusing group which I would prefer to see onstage then listen to on my Ipod. The singer/guitarist Rocky is one of the nicest guys I have met and it shines through while he played an out of tune guitar with electrical problems replacing it later in the set with one that actually worked. But even though the first guitar sounded crappy and kept fading out it just seemed to add to the charm of the band. They are a theatrical band for show and they do not dissapoint. 
After chugging another beer between bands we watched the necronauts hit the stage. I have only seen their new bass player once before and he now seems a much more natural fit then the first time I saw him. He was very solid and although he has a different playing style then their original bassist he doesn't take away from the band at all, he only adds to their already great sound. I really love Billy's voice, he can scream and sing and yell and sing with the best.  And of course the band would not be complete without Dale on Drums who always looks so determined while playing and is not only fun to watch but fun to listen to as well. 
We ended our night at the bikini before riding home on the bike and getting yelled at by a drunken woman that Beth should be wearing a helmet. 
I know I am being lazy because I am not putting links to the bands. It's unlikely, but I plan on coming back and putting the links in to the bands and places that I refer to. 

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