Sunday, March 1, 2009

Another night at the Trunkspace

Last night was my second night in a row at the Trunkspace and it was another great time for me to see bands. I realized how out of the scene I have become, so many new faces, yet plenty of similar faces too. 
I almost prefer being an outsider looking in, because I don't have to worry about the politics, and shmoozing involved. Tonight was perfect because I knew very few people and didn't have to worry about talking with anyone except Beth.  
Beth is one of the most opinionated people I know, she generally either likes something or doesn't. And even when she likes something she may still come off as hating it. She hates about 99% of all bands out there and she has allowed me to put her opinions on here about each band. 

Beth and I showed up and missed the first band "Children of Hell" so I can't say much about them, but we did get there just in time to see "Rumspringer" play a very straight ahead punk set. Good vocals, very tight band, one of the guitarists didn't seem completely on par, until he mentioned he had busted his hand the night before. 
Beth didn't hate them and thought they were better then most bands she sees.

Next up was JJCNV. They are a theatrical band with wigs and flashing tambourines, but they also have musical talent. Pete (lead singer/bass) reminded me of an older Johnny Rotten, too old to be cool so he now talks shit to the youngsters and tells them how stupid they are for being young. He talks alot of crap and is anti everything. A kid in the audience did some minor heckling and got plenty of hell in return and was told to go back to Tempe where his heckling antics would be better suited. I definitely enjoyed the band and loved the tone on Dana's guitar and see that they definitely earned getting recognized by the new times with a nice writeup. 
Beth thought they were interesting, but not interesting enough that she would intentionally go to another show on her own. 

Last but not least was Fathers Day, this is a joke band that sings fast aggressive songs about being bad dads. There last song of the evening was dedicated to Joe Arpaio on how great he is, the singer of the band Ryan Avery would state that 98% of all rapes were done by illegal aliens. This is a fun band and everyone has a great time running around singing along. There was some technical difficulties such as the guitarist playing his guitar through keyboard amp, and it feeding back a majority of the time. I thought it was intentional, but later found it wasn't. 
Beth didn't actually see them to give a comment. 

We went back to the Bikini had a few drinks and rode home on a nice winters night. 

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