Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Shizzfest II electric boogaloo

So it was amazing, Benjamin Leatherman said it way better then I so I will just refer to him at

Special thanks to Tony for setting up the show and doing all the hard work of putting this together, this would not have been successful without him. 

The bands all rocked, I got to see a few, but not all of them. So I will make comments on the bands I did see or know a little about. 

5:00 - Oh No Not Stereo (outdoor)
A band from L.A. I guess they have had their music played on MTV, they were very tight and super professional very fun to watch, very MTV. 

5:30 - Halema'uma'u (indoor) 
I didn't get to watch them at this show, but have seen them before, and they are amazing. The singers voice and guitar playing are extraordinary. 

6:00 - DESTOROYAH (outdoor) 
Remind me alot of the Fucking Champs, cool guitar riffs, they weren't super tight but this was there first show. I expect alot more from them next time I see them 

6:15 - Cagematch (indoor) 
They melted everyones faces off, and the drummer threatened to fuck up my face. They are totally awesome!!

6:30 - Vine Land (outdoor)
Stoner Rock at it's finest. 

7:00 - Fatigo (indoor)
Any band that sings about polar bears surviving in the desert is fine by me. These guys are a staple in the phoenix music community

7:30 - France vs. France (outdoor)
I unfortunately missed these guys. I started getting alot of people at the door

8:00 - Feel Free (indoor)
Bobby from Ponies, and Babies band. I wanted to see them but didn't get too. I am bummed about that. 

8:30 - Art For Starters (outdoor)
Saw part of their set, these guys are very tight, and have their shit together. Good sound, I think they will go far. 

9:00 - Colorstore (indoor)
Missed them, but they always put on a great show. 

9:30 - After Any Accident (outdoor)
AMAZING, they haven't played together in years, and it seemed like they never broke up. 
I only wish to see them perform again.

10:00 - Emperors of Japan (indoor)
Poor Tony lost his voice, I wondered why he was whistling instead of singing. 

10:45 - Yukon Ho (indoor)
Hightlight of the entire night. People walked away from their set in awe and wonder. They were just phenomenol and they are only 17 year olds!!

11:30 - Necronauts (indoor)

I have never seen them have a bad show. Billy has such a great voice and they rocked my socks off. 

Shizzfest 10.10.09 is next and I hope to see you there!!!

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