Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Field Services answers the question "My amp broke, now what?"

I have had some of the crappiest luck with amps. I remember my first real amp was a used marshall jcm800 combo amp. It sounded so good, I swore I would never need anything other then a tuning pedal when playing through it. I was only 17 or so when I got this amp and knew nothing at all about tubes or ohms or any of that other silly stuff that you don't know after playing a few years with only solid state amps. I remember plugging in at my friends house and seeing nothing but a yellowish smoke come from the back of the amplifier, it completely filled the room up and chased us out of the basement. Apparantly my power transformer blew up which happens to be the most expensive pieces in an amplifier. I was a poor kid and was barely able to buy the amp, now I have to shell 250 bucks to get it repaired. It took me about 4 years before I ever got it fixed. 
I have no idea why I just repeated that story, I guess it makes me wish I would have known about one of the valleys wonderful little secrets, Field Services located just east of 24th st on the south side of thomas road in central phoenix. I have never had such great experiences with taking my gear into them. Before I knew about them I had been taking my gear to another place that I will not mention that is located in Mesa across from a fairly large music store. They took forever to get my amps repaired, and I remember having to take the same amps in more then once. The last amp I took to them they had for a few weeks, I remember calling and asking about it. They said they couldn't fix it. I honestly believe they were overloaded with work and didn't want to deal with my amp, so I asked around and was told to take to to Field Services which I did. Once there, one of the techs there Matt Avril told me to follow him in the back and he would glance over it to see what was going on. He verifed all it needed was new tubes. He replaced the tubes biased the amp and gave it back to me withing a half hour. I was amazed and have never strayed. Don't get me wrong, 99% of the time you will not be getting same day service, but they WILL fix your amp. Because of the good word of mouth they get, they are generally pretty busy so please be patient, but also be assured that you will get your amp back running like a champ. 

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